OQO Feat. Nightingale

Spring brings “OQO feat. Nightingale” to Western Canada. The addition of Nightingale’s unassuming grounded presence and her terrifyingly good music to the bands sound makes this collaboration a vivid experience. (#Violin, #Accordion, #Opera, # Doublebass, #Loops, #Harmony, #Psychedelic #Cinematic)

“OQO played a show in Vernon at Record City and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Nightingale. While on tour, it is common for me to not really “see” the musical performance in completion as I try to make myself available to answer questions about the artwork I am showing and the bands merchandise. This show was different. The whole ambience was set so nicely with an entire crowd seated firmly with complete attention towards the stage. You could hear a pin drop, but not a soul would dare interrupt the haunting beauty brought forth by Nightingale and OQO. When the two acts joined each other on stage, it was like stepping into another dimension. It was so joyful to be swept up with an entire crowd of people and taken on a journey into a dream, and then set them back down so sweetly into reality. As quickly as it began it ended, and the lights came on. The journey for the evening had come to an end, but thankfully the artists made a pact to collaborate on a future tour. So here it is, the album cover for the upcoming collaboration of OQO & Nightingale, which will also be available for purchase as a 12×12” poster with a download card on the Spring Tour!” -Amy Braun